The Chicwear Affiliate Program

We are now inviting you to become part of the community by joining us as an Affiliate. 

The Affiliate Program creates a simple yet rewarding opportunity for you to make money with your website or blog while sharing our unique online shopping experience with others. 

Joining our Affiliate Program is simple and completely free. There is no cost, no fees, no sales targets, no programming or integration. All you need to do is add a simple link to us from your website or blog and we pay you for every referred purchase made at our boutique. 

Sign up now and start building a lucrative passive income stream!

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What is the Affiliate Program? 

The Affiliate Program is a system that enables you to earn a commission for each customer referred from your website or blog who successfully purchases any lingerie or intimate apparel at our boutique. 

A referred customer is one who visits our boutique by clicking on a affiliate link placed on your website or blog. When the referred customer makes a purchase at our boutique, you earn a commission on the purchase. It is that simple!

Earn 15% Commission on all Products 


We will pay you a flat 15% commission on all successfully referred purchases. This translates to 15% of pure profit to you without incurring any expenses and without the hassle of setting up your own store. You are also entitled to this commission if the referred customer decides to make a purchase on a later date and even on subsequent purchases by the same customer. There is no limit to how much you could earn!

We will send you a cheque for your commission earned at the end of every month so long as the total commission due to you exceeds RM100 or a higher sum determined by you.

How our Affiliate Program Works 

Our Affiliate Program utilizes a unique tracking system that uses invisible 1st party and Flash cookies for best possible reliability. All you need to do is paste your assigned affiliate link on your website or blog and we will take care of the rest. 

When a customer clicks on the affiliate link on your website or blog and visits our boutique, our tracking system will automatically recognize that the customer was referred by you. When the customer makes a purchase at our website, our tracking system will calculate the commission due to you and post it to your Affiliate Account. You will then receive your commission when it is due!

Our flexible tracking system even works with affiliate links placed in emails, forums and discussion boards so you can expand your ad campaign and maximize your returns from our Affiliate Program. 

As a backup measure, we also employ a redundant tracking system to ensure all referred customers are correctly recognized so you receive your full entitled commission. 

Your own Affiliate Control Panel 

As our Affiliate, you will be given access to your own Affiliate Control Panel where you can easily monitor and manage your affiliate campaign. Here you will be able to copy your unique affiliate link and choose from our selection of banners and text ads for use on your website or blog, receive real-time statistics on your ad impressions and clicks, as well as view your Affiliate Account for the number referred sales and affiliate commission earned. 

The Affiliate Control Panel is a powerful system that also allows you to monitor the performance of your different urls. You can then determine your best performing ads, adjust and enhance your ad campaign to boost visitor clicks, and ultimately increase your affiliate commission. 

Affiliate Support 

We provide support to all our Affiliates in establishing and running their affiliate campaigns. If you have any questions or require any assistance, just email us at

You may also refer to our FAQs section for some general answers on our Affiliate Program. 

How do I become a Affiliate? 

Joining our Affiliate Program is free and easy. Just read our Affiliate Agreement and complete our online Affiliate Sign Up form and we will notify you by email once your application has been approved. We will also provide you with a password to access your Affiliate Control Panel and retrieve your unique affiliate link.  Join us now!