Guide to online lingerie shopping / Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Lingerie Shopping Guide a unique, fun and intimate shopping experience you can easily enjoy from the privacy and comfort of you own home in just a few simple steps. 

To get started you will first need to register for a new account and provide us with some of your personal and contact particulars. Do this by clicking on the My Account link in the top menu, and choose Please Register Here under New Customers and then complete the necessary fields. Any information you provide is secure and strictly confidential in accordance with our Privacy & Security Policy. You only need to register once. You can then shop at our site anytime and from anywhere by selecting the Sign In link in the top menu and signing into your account.
Once you have registered and signed into your new account, you are then free to take your time and comfortably browse our beautiful collection. You can either choose to either browse according to the different brands we carry or according to the different categories by selecting the appropriate option in the left menu. You can also view our latest offers and promotions by clicking on the Sale Items link in the left menu. Navigate between pages of your chosen option by selecting the respective page numbers under the different options.
For more information on a particular item or to purchase an item, click on its thumbnail image and all available information on the item will be displayed. To continue browsing, simply select to go back or click on another option from the left menu.
When you come across an item that you wish to order, you can add it to your shopping cart by selecting the Add To Cart link. Please remember to select your choice of color, size and quantity before adding the item to your cart.
Your shopping cart will display the list of items you have selected together with your total order value. To continue browsing or to order another item, simply select your desired option from the left menu. You can add as many items as you wish to your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout. To view or return to your shopping cart at any time, simply click the Shopping Cart icon in the top menu.
When you have finished adding all the items you wish to purchase into your shopping cart, return to your cart, click the Checkout link.
You will next be required to provide your Shipping Information. If you wish to send your order to a different address or to a loved one as a gift, kindly complete the required fields in the Shipping Information section. You can also choose to have your order gift-wrapped by adding the Gift Wrapping item in your Shopping Cart.  We charge MYR10 per item for gift-wrapping. 
Next you have to choose your desired Payment Method by selecting from the options available. Once the desired option is selected, click to continue for a summary of your order details. Please review your order and select the Payment link once you are satisfied with the details.
If you chose to pay by credit card, you will be directed to iPay88's Secure Payment Page where you will then be required to enter your credit card information for processing.   You will then receive a confirmation once the transaction has been processed successfully. If you choose to pay by alternative methods, please proceed to do so according to the instructions that will be provided.
Orders will only be processed once payment has been received and delivery will be made within 2-4 working days (please allow an additional 1-2 days for international orders). Your order status and all notifications will be sent to you by email.
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We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!

Guide to online lingerie shopping 

babydoll.gifAttractive images and pricing are usually the predominant factors in online lingerie shopping decisions. However, images alone cannot convey everything about a particular item. Read the description or commentary that usually accompanies each lingerie item paying particular attention to the fabric used and any design intricacies involved then decide on your preference. 

Checking on the country of origin or where the particular brand of lingerie is made can also give you a reasonable indication of the workmanship and quality to expect. It is much the same with apparel and clothing in general - some countries have a long tradition in producing fine lingerie, exercising greater care and adhering to higher quality standards while some countries are more efficient at producing them at a lower price. 

Ensure that the retailer you visit has provided a phone number or email address you can easily contact. Ease and convenience in contacting the retailer is crucial in the unfortunate event you receive a damaged item or if you wish to request a refund. It is for these reasons too you may prefer purchasing from a retailer that is geographically closer to home. 

Take you time to browse a retailer's policies, paying particular attention to those concerning refunds and exchanges in order to know your options and rights. Granted that certain lingerie styles are intimate in nature and should not be refunded or exchanged for hygiene reasons, you should be comfortable with the policies before proceeding to make a purchase. Accommodating policies also reflect on a retailer's confidence in the products sold. 

Note too the payment gateway employed by the retailer for processing credit card transactions as it directly affects your security and privacy when making a purchase. Popular and trusted international payment gateways such as WorldPay adopt SSL encryption and strict security measures to safeguard your personal information when making an online transaction. 

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is that you can easily compare prices between retailers anywhere in the world to find the best bargains. However when doing so, take care to include all relevant or hidden costs - such as delivery charges and import duty - before making your decision. Delivery timeliness and method are also relevant issues you may wish to consider. 

Lastly, do not be reluctant or hesitant to contact the retailer if you need more information or if you have any customer service enquiries in order to arrive at an informed decision.


Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Tips when buying lingerie for that someone special 

Buying lingerie for your loved one is one of the most simple yet incredibly romantic gifts you can possibly present to her. It is special, unique and something beautiful she can cherish almost every day. However, picking out the right lingerie may not be as easy as it seems. Lingerie is deeply personal to a woman and reflects intimately on her personality and taste. It also conveys to her your feelings and how much you actually understand of her as a woman.

Here are a few important pointers you may want to consider when shopping for lingerie: 

nightdress.gifAlways remember that you are buying lingerie for her and not for yourself! Although the sexier lingerie designs from our babydoll collection may attract your attention, it may not appeal to all women and you should hence be sensitive against sending the wrong message to that special someone. Unless you are quite certain she likes sexy lingerie, the safer option would be to consider something elegant from our range of satin nightdresses instead. And if you really want to pamper her, you could even select a luxurious satin dressing robe to go along with that lovely nightdress. 

Once you have decided on the type of lingerie to buy, you should then consider the style, cut or design that is appropriate or inappropriate for her. Your decision again depends very much on her personality. If she is very conscious of her figure, then avoid the form fitting or clingy designs from our babydoll and teddy collections that accentuate the contours of her body or the sexy 2-piece sets that expose her midriff. If the lingerie is for sleep every night, then your best choice is our collection of comfortable satin nightdresses or 2-piece satin nightsets

Next comes choosing the right color. Knowing her favourite colors makes your decision easier, but if you do not then pay attention to her dressing style -it will give you a hint. Generally, the popular colors are pastels such as pink or sky blue and the different shades of deep red or maroon. Black is traditionally a safe bet too. 

The final step is buying the lingerie in the right size. Here we have made your task simpler by providing comprehensive size charts and limiting our sizing categories to Small, Medium, Large and One Size Fits Most (OS) only. Most of our lingerie collection also feature adjustable shoulder straps or stretchable fabric for a little flexibility. If you are not familiar with her size, the best thing you could do -if you get the chance -is to discretely check the size of her other clothes and then buy the lingerie in a similar size. 

gift.gifNo gift would also be complete without the right presentation. We therefore provide you our complimentary gift box to add that perfect touch to your romantic gift. If you prefer a little more extravagance, we also offer an optional gift wrapping service

Now that you are aware of what to consider, take your time to browse the lingerie collection and wealth of information at our online boutique before deciding on the lingerie that best suits your loved one.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!